About us

Elmatic is a brand of not only industrial computers


Professional advice

Our employees are qualified engineers with experience who will help you choose the optimal platform for your application. Our goal is to save you time devoted to the often very complicated selection of the platform. Why waste your time if you can spend it on developing a unique application that will keep you ahead of the competition?


Difficult project?

Do you want to implement completely new technologies in your application from scratch? Would you like to check whether edge computing and artificial intelligence will bring you benefits? You can count on our help. We will explain the technical aspects of the proposed technologies to you in detail and we will select the optimal equipment.


A wide range of products

We are a distributor of three top companies offering industrial computers (Advantech, Neousys Technology and MSI IPC). Our offer includes both small BoxPC computers, computers for use in vehicles, efficient AI-oriented units and server solutions. Thanks to this, we can offer the optimal solution for your application..


Local assembly and service

Industrial computers are assembled according to the specification chosen by the customer and tested before shipment in our company. We also have our service. Service requests are made using our Service Center platform, also with the Door-to-Door option. All this translates into efficient delivery and service of industrial computers purchased from us.

What can we deliver to you?


Our products are based on the latest technological achievements. We can create extremely efficient units - equipped with even two Nvidia RTX graphics cards. We understand the ideas of Industry 4.0 perfectly - let's not limit ourselves to classic solutions based on the x86 architecture. We also offer specialized computers with hardware AI acceleration modules - to ensure high performance regardless of the computer's operating environment.


Even the most complex tasks requiring enormous computing power will be performed 24/7 by our platforms, ensuring the stability and security of your data. Regardless of whether it will be a server cabinet, multiple units or a box at a busy intersection - we have a solution ready for any working conditions.


We offer solutions with certificates required for specialized applications. Our products are used in the railway, maritime and military industries. If you need equipment for working in dusty conditions, extremely high or low temperatures, or in contact with water, Elmatic solutions are just for you.


You do not have to worry about the fact that the new equipment will be incompatible with the existing one. Our computers can communicate with devices that support the following interfaces: CANopen, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, Ethernet / IP, Sercos III, POWERLINK, etc.