Stainless steel IP69K bezel-free touch panel PC for food processing, beverage manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry.


Economic 19" rackmount industrial computer Elmatic SIGMA 705. The best way to create stable and safe application.

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Case study

Production line control system

Check out how to modernize production line control using the Elmatic PI 785 platform and ICONICS SCADA system.

CNC machine control system

Implementation of numerical control system of "Axis 5" CNC machine axes based on Elmatic PI computer.

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Under extreme conditions (dustiness, high humidity, shocks).


Stainless steel IP69K touch panel PC for food processing

Elmatic series of bezel-free, stainless steel panel pc (10.4”/15.1”/19”) which are fully IP66/IP67 waterproof & IP69K- rated and are reliable working in harsh environments against hazards including dust, dirt, water, oil, grease, bio-fluids and chemicals.


Advantech SQF Solid State Drives (SSD) enhances Elmatic industrial solutions

To improve the industrial systems and make them more reliable and secure, proper data storage and protection is important. Storage devices with high reliability and stability are essential.


Elmatic ETA 7500 in practice! Low cost brake testing system.

Elmatic ETA 7500 is a fanless modular industrial computer based on Advantech's MIC-7500. With the expansion of the iModule (PCIe / PCI and additional data carriers) and the iDoor module (I / O ports), the Elmatic ETA 7500 is an extremely versatile design.