Why you should choose Elmatic products?

Why Elmatic ?

  • We offer the best professional advice and technical support in the market.
  • We are always close to help you solve the problems.
  • Your projects are safe with us.
  • We provide the highest quality hardware solutions.
  • Water resistance
  • Resistance to low and high temperatures
  • Resistance to dust
  • Shock and vibration resistance

Our motto is the quality ...

… we provide both at the technical and hardware level as well as in our day-to-day co-operation with our customers. We focus on long-term cooperation, constantly supporting our partners before, during and after the purchase.

Proffesional advice

Our staff are qualified engineers with experience that will help you find the best platform for your application. Our goal is to save the time you spend on searching and configuring often very complicated platform.

Why waste time if you can dedicate it to developing your own unique application, which will bring you ahead of the competition?


Our knowledge and experience is not limited to computers only, so it will also be useful to quickly solve a problem with your application that you would have to spend long hours, days, or weeks on your own.

Help in winning the projects

Being an Elmatic partner has many advantages. One of them is the collaborative working on a projects that helps to flexibly adapt to change and effectively win the competition. We are a trustworthy partner and your loyalty is rewarded with great co-operation conditions.


Our goal is continuous growth. We achieve it by careful observation of the market and proper development of structures. On a daily basis we are in touch with issues that we are eager to share with our trusted partners, so by joining forces with us you will be able to rapidly grow your business in your specific field.

Industrial computer systems

What we offer?

Our products are based on the latest technological advances, so we are able to build even the most demanding configuration for you.
Even the most complex tasks requiring enormous computing power will be carried out 24h / 7days by our server platforms, ensuring the stability and security of your data.
We offer the solutions with certificates required in specialized applications. Our products are used in the rail, marine and military industries.
Using platforms designed specifically for your application, integration on the production line will be simpler than ever.
If you need equipment to work in dusty, extremely high or low temperatures, or in contact with water, Elmatic solutions are just right for you.
You do not have to worry about the new equipment being incompatible with the existing ones. Our computers have the ability to communicate with devices that support interfaces: CANopen, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT, EtherNet / IP, Sercos III, POWERLINK etc.