• Terms of return of equipment purchased by consumers at a distance (private persons)
Returns are accepted without the need for giving any reason, within 14 days from the date of delivery, in accordance with current regulations.
  • Terms of return of equipment purchased by institutional clients (companies)

Elmark Automatyka S.A. does not accept returns of equipment purchased by companies unless:

  • operation of the equipment is not in accordance with the manufacturer's technical specification;
  • hardware specification on the order confirmation is incorrect, due to the mistake in the offer made by Elmark Automatyka;
  • equipment incorrect with invoice was delivered;
  • delivery time wasn't held for reasons beyond the control of the customer;

In the aforementioned and any other situations where inapropriate customer service is due to Elmark Automatyka or the manufacturer of the equipment, refunds are accepted within 2 weeks from the date of sale, without any handling charges. The cost of transporting returned equipment is covered by Elmark Automatyka, provided that it is sent by DHL courier. In justified cases, upon prior agreement, Elmark Automatyka will accept returns from regular customers within a maximum of 2 weeks of the date of shipment, provided that the returned equipment is returned at the expense of the customer by charging a handling fee associated with prior transportation costs and the need to be meticulous, time consuming full verification of his technical ability. If the equipment is operating and unused the handling fee is 20% of its value in the price list Elmark Automatyka S.A. valid on the day of sale. If the equipment is working, but the packaging, documentation or the equipment itself wears signs of use, the handling fee is 40% of its value in the price list Elmark Automatyka S.A. valid on the day of sale. Such equipment is provided by Elmark Automatyka S.A. over 40% discounted and sold through the internet. The final decision on accepting the refund and the amount of the handling fee is made by an employee of Elmark Automatyka S.A. upon receipt and verification of returned equipment.