Stainless steel IP69K touch panel PC for food processing

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Elmatic series of bezel-free, stainless steel panel pc (10.4”/15.1”/19”) which are fully IP66/IP67 waterproof & IP69K- rated and are reliable working in harsh environments against hazards including dust, dirt, water, oil, grease, bio-fluids and chemicals.

The DELTA SS-I comes in three sizes: 10.4 ", 15.1" and 19 ".

The stainless steel chassis and IP69K waterproofing illustrates the ability to clean the product via high temperature and high pressure wash down with water, harsh detergents and acidic/alkaline disinfectants. Bezel-free display helps the system to avoid liquid residues accumulation. LEX IP69K protection stainless series PPC will satisfy the stringent sanitation requirements of food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical factories.

Wyposażenie jednostki w złącza M12 nie tylko zapewnia wysoką szczelność, ale także odporność na wibracje i wstrząsy.

Elmatic DELTA SS-I złącza M12


Specfikacja DELTA SS-I

  • Fully IP66/IP67 & IP69K bezel-free Fanless
  • Intel BayTrail E3825/E3845 Dual Core/Quad Core CPU
  • On board 4 GB RAM DDR3L
  • Resistive/Capacitive Touch Screen
  • M12 I/O connectors of LAN, COM, USB, VGA, Power
  • Storage options: mSATA, 1 x2.5” HDD
  • 2 x Mini Card PCIe,
  • VESA 100 standard compatible
  • Working Temperature: -20°C~+60°C
  • Wide Range DC-In +9~36V

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Elmatic DELTA SS-I

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