Elmatic ETA 7500 in practice! Low cost brake testing system.

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Elmatic ETA 7500 is a fanless modular industrial computer based on Advantech's MIC-7500. With the expansion of the iModule (PCIe / PCI and additional data carriers) and the iDoor module (I / O ports), the Elmatic ETA 7500 is an extremely versatile design.

What can be used Elmatic ETA 7500 in practice? To find out, please read below.

Project Introduction

As vehicle performance demands continue to increase, strategies to maintain and control disc brake quality have become an essential aspect of automobile manufacturing to ensure the stability of braking systems operated at high speeds.
Vehicle braking systems typically comprise a disc, clamp, pad, and bracket. Because poorly designed/manufactured components exert different levels of friction that generate varying vibration frequencies, component abnormalities can be detected by assessing the generated resonance. Not surprisingly, resonance testing has become a critical process for component manufacturers.

System Requirements

Brake system testing involves using an impact hammer to strike the brake disc and generate vibration. The vibration frequency is then measured and transmitted to a back-end system for analysis. Advantech developed a total solution that features its Elmatic ETA 7500 compact fanless system integrated with a MIC-75M20 iModule as well as PCIE-1802 and PCIE-1816 cards. Powered by a 6th generation Intel® Core™ i processor, ETA 7500 delivers the high-performance computing necessary for brake testing and analysis. 
PCIE-1802 is an 8-channel, 24-bit, 216 kS/s dynamic signal acquisition PCI Express card with a built-in IEPE current source that enables the simultaneous recording of hammer feedback and accelerometer signals. The recorded data can then be accessed via dynamic libraries, adopted to perform calculations, and analyzed using TEXOL’s Dynagator dynamic signal extractor to detect disc abnormalities.
PCIE-1816 is a 16-channel, 16-bit, 1MS/s PCI Express multifunction card with AI, AO, DI, DO, and counter functions, which allow users to build inspection systems using only a single card. Thus, ETA 7500 platform is a low-cost alternative that enables multiple processes to be conducted simultaneously and automatically, and supports various sensor types. 
The ETA 7500 solution is also integrated with DAQNavi - next-generation data acquisition driver package aimed at enhancing the performance, compatibility, and reliability of data acquisition systems. DAQNavi package includes new drivers, sample codes, and an SDK, which can reduce programming and development time by up to 70%.


  • PCIE-1802 offers a low-cost alternative to existing solutions, without compromising quality
  • iModules and PCIE cards enable customization according to customer requirements
  • Multiple operations can be conducted simultaneously
  • The system supports flexible expansion

Configure Elmatic ETA 7500 industrial computer

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