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price from 902.00 €

SIGMA 4000

4U, 19” rack mount industrial computer with 6th,7th and 8th generation of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 processor, up to 64GB RAM

price from 1,445.00 €

ETA 3520

Industrial BOX PC, Intel Core i7-6820EQ 2.8 GHz, i5-6440EQ 2.7 GHz, up to 32GB RAM, many expansion ports

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price from 771.00 €
Working in contact with water
Working in a dusty environment


Industrial panel PC 6.5"/10.4"/12.1"/15", Intel Celeron® N2930 or N2807, up to 8GB RAM, resistive touchscreen

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Good to know

Using our services you will receive:

Components of the highest quality - for the construction of computers we use components of reputable manufacturers, whose correct operation is precisely tested after assembly.
Simple and fast shopping - just a few clicks to make a purchase. It does not matter whether you have to buy single computer or 100 pieces.
Compatibility guarantee - we guarantee that each possible configuration includes components that are compatible with each other. All computers receive an EC certificate of conformity. It is not possible to build an incompatible configuration.
Reliability - readiness to work efficiently 24 hours a day our computers owe their high quality, proven internal components.
The computer for every budget - thanks to a wide range of offerings, we allow our customers to purchase computers that are not only matched with hardware requirements but also budget.
Technical support - our concern for the customer's good does not end soon after the product is sold. We provide constant technical support and door-to-door service.
Availability 24h / 7 days - configurator allows you to make purchases at any time and shows availability of ordered components in our warehouse.