Production line control system

Check out how to modernize production line control using the Elmatic PI 785 platform and ICONICS SCADA system.

Customer requirements - a global automotive potentate who specializes in the design, development, production and delivery of automotive parts, was a major engineering challenge. Our partner, Pro-Control integrator based on the hardware and software of our offer, has developed an application that has met the client's expectations and helped optimize the production process. The project included modernization of existing infrastructure of five production lines based on the Siemens S5 controllers that existed on the market since the late 1970s and applications still operating on the DOS operating system.

As part of the project, two S5 drivers were migrated to the S7 drivers and a new application was developed for technology monitoring and line control. The demand for modernization of the system resulted mainly from:

  • Lack of a common set of technological settings, each line had its own references
  • Unreadable parameter values in references (shift of the guide declared not in milimeters but for example as direct parameters of the inverter)
  • No operator action limit (access to change all settings)

All work had to be carried out in a very short time of planned downtime of production lines, implemented new control and new application had to work flawlessly right after launch so the investor didn't have to bear any additional costs - there was no room for the smallest mistake.

Architecture before implementation


Architecture after implementation



The main goal of the application modernization was to create a central database, common to all technological lines. Technicians have been able to remotely reference references and a special configurator has been created in which step-by-step technicians create new references and visually see how new parameters affect the final look of the product.

Application security has eliminated the risk of operator changes in technological settings. The operator can now change the parameters only if allowed by the technologist and within the specified limits. Changing the remaining parameters requires logging in with the appropriate permissions and accepting the changes made by the supervisor. User logins have been linked to their domain accounts.

The use of the latest technical and IT solutions during the implementation of this project has allowed us to provide better product quality and lower production costs, and above all ensure the continuity of production.

Implemented solutions from our offer:

  • 5 x Elmatic PI industrial computer (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 180GB SSD, Windows 7 Pro 64bit)
  • 5 x SCADA Genesis64 - license for 1500 variables
  • 5 x WebHMI-Browser
  • 5 x OPC Kepware
  • SQL Server 2012

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