CNC machine control system

Implementation of numerical control system of "Axis 5" CNC machine axes based on Elmatic PI computer.

SHEMECK company (Elmark Automatyka's partner) has developed for its customers an axle control system for the Axis 5 CNC machine. Software and hardware are matched to the needs of our customer. Big part of the operations that "Axis 5" does is used to control machines in which the working area does not exceed 300x300x300 mm. As the name implies, "Axis 5" allows for operate up to 5 axes, most commonly the table machine control drives (X, Y, Z), the tool rotation axis and the axle / accessory. The system consists of an industrial computer controller that processes I / O (PCI or PCIe) cards and servo motors, which control the servo motor amplifiers. In some cases, stepper motors are also used, along with drivers that have an interface for connecting them to a computer.


Depending on the needs and software configuration, the system is used to milling, engraving or controlling other tools such as a laser or water jet. "Axis 5" can be paired with PC cards and amplifiers from Allen Bradley, Siemens, Schneider or the American company Galil. Axis 5 can basically match most actuators as long as their supplier provides programming libraries. The system comes in two versions, which is closely related to customer needs and the use of executive elements. By programming Axis 5, SHEMECK programmers needed to use different development environments such as C ++ IDEs or less familiar WINdevs to provide faster deployment of additional features.

In our systems, we use Elmatic computers and components that offer great performance and stability. In the above described solution we use an industrial computer ELMATIC PI which has two important features for us. Firstly, it is equipped with a stable, dust-proof housing with fan monitoring system and anti-vibration system. Secondly, the motherboard uses a lot of full-length (312 mm) PCI card slots, which are still standard in some manufacturers. Thanks to the above characteristics we have the possibility to use the same type of computer set in different configurations of the system.

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